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What is Transformational Adaptation?

TrAd, or Transformative Adaptation, is not an organisation but an approach which you can share . Perhaps your activities already embody aspects of TrAd!

The TrAd approach recognises there is now urgent need for us all to adapt to the certainty of a rapidly-changing planet, in a way that is transformative of our existing failed institutions, of ourselves and of our communities. Global governments, corporations and systems are all failing to respond sufficiently to the threats of climate breakdown and ecological destruction. It is up to us all to take the initiative, and vitally important that we interconnect existing efforts with new projects and creative ideas.

Transformative Adaptation - Our Future?

What Next? Summit (Fringe Session): 18th March 2pm  (run time 50 mins)

Zoom Meeting ID: 835 5478 9728 

Passcode: 738935

It is time to recognise that systems have failed and will continue to fail in the face of climate and ecological breakdown (including zoonotic pandemics). It is time to commit to taking adaptation seriously, not ‘sticking-plaster’ adaptation, nor ‘apocalyptic’ adaptation but the kind that recognises that transformation of systems, behaviours, and mindset is a requirement. Is it timely and helpful therefore to focus our present and future efforts around Transformative Adaptation (TrAd)?

Transformative Adaptation is transformative because it involves system change.  It requires willingness to undertake major psychological and behavioural adjustments away from what has been ‘normal.’ That said, we do not yet know with any certainty ‘what is TrAd’. It is currently best considered as ‘an approach’, or an exploration. Something which is in the process of being developed and understood.

This session will look at the theory behind TrAd - with Dr Rupert Reid providing context and an opportunity to ask ourselves:-

⁃ Are we ready for Transformational Adaptation? 

⁃ What does TrAd encompass/ what will it look like ?  

⁃ What might it take to accelerate the uptake, embodiment and roll out of TrAd ? 



The TrAd Vision: a world where transformational change to ourselves and our systems has allowed us to adapt and thrive in balance with all life, with Earth.



The TrAd Mission: to accelerate transformative adaptation, building resilience in response to system, climate and ecological collapse.


this is an image showing the TrAd vision and mission statement, which includes connecting groups working on transformative adaptation, promoting examples and providing resources for groups undertaking TrAd, and designing direct action which paints a story of the adaptation needed.



Transformative Adaptation Resources & Reading

Learn More About Transformative Adaptation

Suggested reading

  • FACING UP TO CLIMATE REALITY, the signature Green House collaborative book that develops the concept of Transformative Adaptation.
  • A SMALL FARM FUTURE. Chris Smaje’s excellent new book barely talks about 'adaptation', but is tacitly formed around a transformative adaptation philosophy


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